Sustainable living driving new concepts from next-gen developers

by Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, CEO & Co-Founder, The Bennet and Bernard Company

As the affluent millennial population in India continues to grow, there has been a discernible change in their priorities. The middle and upper-middle classes are no longer content with just physical dwellings but have shifted their focus towards sustainable living that integrates technology, opulence, efficient communication, and mobility. This growing populace is seeking advanced and innovative solutions to enable them to achieve their goals of a luxurious yet eco-friendly lifestyle.


The Indian real estate sector, which surged and underwent a significant shift in 2023, is anticipated to propel demand throughout 2024. According to a recent report by NAREDCO-Knight Frank, the Indian Realty market is poised for substantial expansion, potentially reaching a valuation of USD 5.8 trillion by 2047, a stark rise from its USD 477 billion valuation in 2023. Real estate consultancy firm Anarock estimates that housing sales may surge by 30 percent this year, culminating in a record 4.74 lakh units sold in primary markets, with the total value of residential property transactions expected to reach an astounding Rs 4.5 lakh crore.


The Next-Gen Realty developers find themselves confronted with a distinctive challenge and an equally unique opportunity to furnish customers with bespoke and sustainable offerings, seamlessly integrated with the concept of eco-friendly domiciles. Meticulous attention to detail regarding location, choice of materials, ecological impact, and the ethos of environmental stewardship has engendered a plethora of projects spanning the expanse of India. According to McKinsey, the construction and upkeep of built environments are accountable for approximately 26 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions and 37 percent of emissions stemming from combustion, thereby rendering sustainability a fundamental tenet and an indispensable component of designs conceived by newer real estate enterprises. Anarock’s report indicates that green edifices harbour the potential to curtail energy consumption by 20-30 percent and water usage by 30-50 percent, thereby rendering them the preferred choice for the foreseeable future.

Indians are increasingly drawn to exploring new locales, even venturing into remote areas within popular tourist destinations like KeralaKarnatakaGoaMaharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Jammu & Kashmir. This trend reflects a desire to invest in wilderness areas that offer modern living standards. The rise of hybrid work cultures and a focus on work-life balance prompt many professionals to consider secondary residences as primary homes. Goa’s tranquil waters and the serene surroundings of Karnataka and Kerala provide a welcome escape from the pollution of urban centres like Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. This environmentally conscious generation seeks to reverse migration without sacrificing metropolitan comforts, driving a persistent demand for properties in these regions.

Goa – A prime pick for destination homes

The Goan realty market has witnessed a surge, experiencing a bullish trajectory marked by impressive returns on investments, particularly for those who made investments either prior or during the Covid pandemic. Such is the magnitude of this surge that certain locales have observed a staggering escalation in valuation.

Goa is observing a proliferation of eco-friendly properties, crafted by pan-India developers with a keen eye on the evolving needs and preferences of contemporary society. Many developers find themselves inundated with requests to incorporate solar panels, rainwater harvesting systemscomposting plants, energy-efficient design technologies, etc, as essential amenities, in addition to the modern conveniences already provided. This phenomenon cannot be dismissed as a passing trend but rather signifies a deliberate cultural shift among property owners across numerous cities and eco-sensitive regions such as Goa.

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