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Bennet and Bernard have emerged as the epitome of quality, excellence, and sophistication, setting a standard unparalleled in any industry. Originating from the picturesque state of Goa, these home-grown entrepreneurs have successfully expanded their presence into global markets, encompassing diverse sectors including Maritime, Real Estate, Aviation, Gastronomy & Hospitality, Agro-Farming, FMCG lines, and more, spanning across five countries, from the Far East to Europe, East Europe, and West Coast Africa.

As a visionary business, we are revered by our customers, esteemed by our competitors, and cherished by our employees, while also significantly contributing to the betterment of society.

At Bennet & Bernard, we operate with a conscious ethos, valuing our impact on the environment and communities we serve. Our products and services are designed not only to enhance the lives of consumers but also further the social causes within the regions where we operate.
Guided by visionary leaders, Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues & Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, we have evolved from a regional enterprise to a global force across various high-end industries.

Our teams continuously raise the bar for themselves, driving our company’s success, while our investors stand as committed partners in our ventures.Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering excellence and creating value for the communities we are privileged to operate in.

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