From Artisanal Treats to Gourmet Bites

A Symphony of Flavors from Around the World

In the rich tapestry of gastronomy, Bennet & Bernard embarked on their culinary voyage in 2013, birthing a constellation of dining destinations that captivate the palate and ignite the imagination.

Their culinary empire boasts an impressive array of establishments, each a beacon of gastronomic excellence: Thirsty Bear, a haven of worldly flavors; Barrels and Bones, specializing in BBQ & Steak; Black Vanilla, an oasis of patisserie perfection and an all-day breakfast house; Crab & Co, a maritime paradise celebrating the bounty of the sea; and the unparalleled Black Vanilla Gourmet World Food Store- epicurean delights where the finest ingredients from around the globe converge.

Under these esteemed banners, Bennet & Bernard have mastered the art of culinary alchemy, seamlessly blending diverse global cuisines to cater to a discerning clientele, while maintaining an uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation.

From the outset, Bennet & Bernard have set the bar high, earning the trust and loyalty of their patrons through a harmonious fusion of professional expertise and personal dedication. Each promise made is a solemn vow, delivered with unwavering commitment and integrity.

In 2018, Black Vanilla made its triumphant debut in Portugal, marking a new chapter in culinary excellence that has delighted audiences far and wide with its unparalleled standards of taste and service.

For Bennet & Bernard, the culinary journey is deeply personal, a testament to their reverence for tradition, their spirit of exploration, and their boundless passion for the art of cooking. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of their ancestors’ recipes and the vibrant tapestry of global flavors, they infuse every dish with a symphony of spices and love, transforming their personal kitchens into veritable cauldrons of culinary creativity, which have often found their way to the dining tables of our guests.

Bennet and Bernard international ventures have a robust portfolio spanning various sectors, including Real Estate, Hospitality, Ports& Maritime, FMCG, Production, and beyond. With a rich legacy of persistent excellence, we are committed to creating value for our stakeholders while making a positive impact on communities worldwide.

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