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The Bennet and Bernard Company is making significant forays into the luxury real estate development sectors in Europe, United Kingdom, Africa, and South-East Asia.

This strategic expansion has been a natural step to meet the increasing demand from affluent clients seeking exclusive residences that epitomize the Bennet and Bernard elegance and sophistication.


With an established reputation for excellence, this expansion reflects the company’s strategic vision to meet the rising demand for exclusive, high-end properties in key destinations. The company’s portfolio will now feature meticulously handpicked properties, each boasting exceptional craftsmanship, architectural brilliance, and premium amenities.


By strategically selecting prime locations in Europe, Africa, and South-East Asia, Bennet and Bernard aims to showcase the unique charm and allure of each region with offerings promising to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of discerning clientele.

Our Businesses


Bennet and Bernard have forayed into the international Realty market with the launch of Altair – a project of 5 villas, an ultra-modern luxe villa located between the mystique town of Sintra- Portugal and the shores of Cabo de Roca. Altair features premium homes and are at a starting price of €2.9 Million.

Bennet and Bernard’s expansion in Portugal operate under AbsolutLegacy. The project lineup is strong and is in the most-sought locations of Portugal in Sintra-Cascais, Comporta-Alcácer, and Óbidos-Leiria.

MonteForte - Hotels

Visionaries Bennet and Bernard are set to unveil a new chapter in São Tomé’s luxury landscape with BB Montefort. This exciting venture promises to redefine the island’s hospitality scene, offering discerning traveler’s a collection of exquisite real estate and hotel experiences.

Monteforte hints at an unwavering commitment to quality and sophistication. The name itself evokes a sense of grandeur, while the focus on São Tomé underscores a dedication to showcasing the island’s unique charm.

Stay tuned to discover how BB Montefort will transform the way you experience São Tomé’s idyllic beauty.

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