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Real estate - India

A true marvel of craftsmanship, a Bennet and Bernard Custom Home transcends mere construction to become an enduring masterpiece, captivating hearts and minds with its unparalleled blend of style, execution, and emotional resonance. Each residence, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, stands as a beacon of luxury living in Goa.

Since our inception, we have steadfastly upheld standards that inspire trust and set benchmarks for the industry. Our dedication to merging professional expertise with personal care ensures that every promise made is met with unwavering commitment. Attuned to the desires of our discerning clientele, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and attentiveness to their needs, striving always to exceed expectations.

Rooted in the very essence of Goa, Bennet and Bernard draw upon over a decade of profound insight and expertise to create homes that are not just structures, but harmonious extensions of their natural and cultural surroundings. Our deep appreciation for Goa’s landscapes, traditions, and ethos guides us in crafting residences that not only enhance their environment but also enrich the lives of those who inhabit them.

Real estate - Portugal

Bennet and Bernard has forayed the international Realty market with the launch of ALTAIR, ultra-modern luxe villas located between the mystique town of Sintra- Portugal and the shores of Cabo de Roca.

The project of five villas is within a gated complex and is scheduled for delivery in June. Bennet and Bernard’s expansion in Portugal operates under Absolut Legacy. The project line up is strong and are in the most sought locations of Portugal in Sintra-Cascais, Comporta – Alcácer, and Óbidos- Leiria.


ALTAIR features five premium homes that are at a starting price of €2.9 Million.

From the outset, we have set standards that our clients can trust and benchmarks that they have faith in. We blend our professional and personal efforts to ensure that our promises are delivered with high commitment. 

We listen to our customers and pride ourselves on being responsive to their needs. Our philosophy leans towards developing projects of the utmost quality. Always under an efficient and innovative optic, we have established to exceed our clients expectations.

Bennet and Bernard international ventures have a robust portfolio spanning various sectors, including Real Estate, Hospitality, Ports& Maritime, FMCG, Production, and beyond. With a rich legacy of persistent excellence, we are committed to creating value for our stakeholders while making a positive impact on communities worldwide.

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