Bennet and Bernard: Where Vision Meets Reality.

Bennet and Bernard, the name that has raised itself as the benchmark for quality, excellence and élan, unrivalled to any other. A home-grown company, originating from the tiniest state of India, the Goan-based entrepreneurs, have successfully diversified the brands from the principal business of Luxury Real Estate in Goa to Gastronomy & Hospitality and further into FMCG lines and today, also have a global presence.


We are a visionary business, valued by our customers, respected by our competitors, and prided by our employees. Bennet and Bernard Custom Homes display an array of unique architectural homes, ranging from Spanish, Portuguese, Californian, Mauritian, and Dutch architecture. The brand embraces a value of unique home designs for every customer, thereby the designs are new for every project. The Gastronomy & Hospitality division boasts global cuisines creating for the state of Goa, a competitive new benchmark. The FMCG brand of Artisan Deli has addressed the gap of international quality cold cuts in the Indian sub-continent, and Locke and Mason, the artisanal creamery delivers unique flavours and is the only preservative- free, commercially produced yogurts. Sanitaz Plus was introduced at a pertinent time where anti-pandemic measures are high; and is the only disinfectant wipes for gadgets and devices. Black Vanilla Gourmet, the only gourmet store in Goa, is a gourmand’s delight, hosting international foods from over 50 countries.


The brand is client centric, creating value for every of its customers through our range of products. Proficient on extraordinary prescience and wavering necessities, we present ourselves to be unconventional and proved disruptive when needed. We deliver quality of soaring standards to customers by nurturing a team bountiful of local talent. We remain responsible socially, reaching out to various causes of child welfare, street-animal care, and other opportunities where we feel grateful to share back with the community.


13/158, Near Francisco Luis Gomes Garden, Campal, Panaji Goa 403001

T: +91-0919110055 E: [email protected]


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