‘Black Vanilla Gourmet’ to provide a taste of exclusively imported food products from over 40 countries

The world food connoisseurs of Goa have yet another reason to celebrate as Bennet & Bernard Group, luxury home builders and passionate restaurateurs, have launched Goa’s first gourmet store, ‘Black Vanilla Gourmet’, in the plush neighbourhood of Panaji. Located in Campal, the new world store will provide a taste of exclusively imported food products from over 40 countries and is a virtual heaven for every foodie. This store would also cater to a target audience that has a penchant for experimental food.


Spread over 1000 sq ft, Black Vanilla Gourmet is set to provide a unique experience with its eclectic range. The store is a gastronomical delight to every gourmand’s love for global cuisine on one platter with some delightful imported seafood and meats from across the world. Some of their signature offerings that are a must-have include a wide range of premium international products like Italian truffles, Australian lamb racks, Norwegian salmon, Canadian lobster, Chilean Sea Bass, Norwegian Trout, Frozen Scallops from the USA, Quail from Spain, Tuna Saku from Indonesia, Norwegian Halibut, Barramundi Fillets from Australia, Pork Pistachio Pate from Belgium, Atlantic Salmon from Iceland, Whole Duck from Thailand, Mussels from New Zealand, Italian Olives and A2 Milk from Australia etc, and varieties of daily microgreens, free-range eggs, sauces, spices, personal care and home care items and much more. The store also has a live kitchen area to promote exotic gourmet food recipes along with exotic salads and sandwiches.

Speaking on the launch of this unique store, Mr. Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues, Founder and Chairman, Bennet & Bernard Group said: “The idea behind the launch of this new store is to provide the very best gourmet products to discerning consumers. As founders of leading food chains in Goa and being passionate foodies ourselves, we believe that everyone deserves access to good produce and quality ingredients. It was a simple premise that gave birth to Black Vanilla Gourmet, but just as food has evolved from being a necessity to a global phenomenon, so has our commitment to food. This new premium lifestyle food destination will target the well-travelled urban Indians and expat population in Goa, who have a penchant for global cuisine. We expect that in time our store will become a single sourcing point for individuals, gourmands and food enthusiasts who are looking to satisfy their palate with the most satiating options.”


“The eating habits of Indian consumers have been evolving – from traditional foods to global food flavours. Hence there is no disputing the fact that India is now an attractive market for gourmet and international food products thanks to the constellation of various forces. Once a hub for expatriates to shop for such ingredients for dishes, the market now attracts a large number of Indians hunting for such world-class products and much more. We are also witnessing increasing quality and ingredient consciousness, which is spurring customers to demand better and more. A large base of consumers now has more sophisticated palates, make higher nutritional demands, have the ability to afford premium products, and the desire to enjoy them on a regular basis. Consumer receptivity to gourmet products has touched off in a big way also because of the dynamic growth of the natural and health food industry and its cross-fertilization with the gourmet food industry. Going forward, we will look at opening more stores in Goa and other metropolitan cities.” said Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, Co-Founder and Director, Bennet & Bernard Group.


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